About Us

Joy's First Class Escort

For more than ten years, Joy Escort has been the best provider of first class erotic entertainment in Switzerland, catering to the needs of all those who only want the best of the best.

We offer entertainment with exclusive escort models and seek long lasting client-relationships with our sophisticated and classy customers. Joy is renowned for its high-end exclusiveness and seriousness. Spend time with one of our models and decide for yourself! You will experience excellent service and absolute discretion.

In addition to this, we offer a Premium Guarantee and rely on our valued clients’ feedback to ensure that our high standards are being met, as well as to make sure our customers are always extremely satisfied.

Passionate Moments with the Girls of Joy Escort

Uniqueness and top service is something we can guarantee because we only hire ladies that are unparalleled when it comes to their appearance, their intellect and their professionalism. Apart from just consulting our models, we also support them in keeping their natural passion and character so they can be more than just a pretty accompaniment – they promise a highly personalised and sensual experience.

More About Us

High Class Escort Service

On one hand, our high class ladies choose this side job out of pure pleasure and on the other hand, because of the joy of a luxurious lifestyle and the interesting experiences that come with it. Some girls even make the decision to take this up as a full time profession. Also, our high rates are a reason behind why we attract sophisticated exclusive models – models that know their high value without being arrogant. The fact that our demanding clients always return to our service, speaks for itself.

Personality of our Escort Ladies

A joyous, playful and friendly attitude as well as a warmth, passion and courtesy are vital. Our ladies act like a real girlfriend – not like a paid escort. Read more here: Girlfriend Experience

Not every model can be perfect but she will shine through the combination of her unique personality and experience. The authentic and natural affection you will receive from our escort ladies will make your experience a very special and relaxing one.

Style and Behaviour

Our models are polite, honest, mentally-strong and feminine. They need to be flexible enough to feel comfortable in the high society, five-star hotels and in the intimate atmosphere of the client’s residence. Therefore, our models themselves are usually from a middle-upper class background and are very well-mannered, classy and prudent. Our ladies can also deal with tricky situations in an elegant fashion. They need to constantly stick to their posture and prove social class: discretion and perfection!

Sensual Abilities

Joy Escort deals with women who are one with their bodies and self-confident, without acting arrogant, who can instinctively read the wishes off their clients’ lips. Even though this is not the only side of our service, it can nevertheless be quite important. Young girls who want to enrich their lives and learn are very welcome at our agency.

They make use of their sexual abilities, their intuitive knowledge and their control of sensual lust. They prove to be the perfect accompaniment: A model you can kiss and who will return that kiss with pure passion – a model you will not forget anytime soon. The focus of our service lies in exciting entertainment and sensual eroticism.

So you have an idea how to properly act with your escort model, we kindly advise you to read our Gentleman’s Guide. This will ensure that you can receive the best results of your time together if this is your first time booking at an escort agency.