Experience with Our Gentleman’s Guide the Perfect Escort Date

12 Mar

A Real Gentleman Knows that Politeness Always Pays Off

Pamper your escort model in ALL respects, and she will repay you a thousand times. Take your escort model for a romantic meal out, find out what she likes, give her compliments and listen to her. The basis of all good relationships is mutual understanding and trust. As a gentleman, you know that trust does not fall from the sky, that it is necessary to work on a relationship, regardless of whether it’s only for an evening or a lifetime. You will be able to enjoy the sweet fruits of your efforts following these guidelines.

We recommend that you carefully read in advance what interests the escort lady you have chosen. Some prefer going to the theater or would much rather enjoy your company at a trendy club. This is the time to consult our escort agency for the best model to enjoy your time with; we’re here to help!

Outward Appearances Are Essential to Our Ladies, so Be Sure to Comply with Established Standards

It doesn’t take much to wear proper clothing and have a well-groomed appearance. No matter how much money you pay the escort lady with, it will always be difficult for her to ignore oral and body odor. No great effort is required to shower, brush your teeth and put on fresh clothes before the meeting. This will guarantee a better experience for you both. Then you can start off the night right with a shared glass of champagne to enhance the mood. However, reeking of alcohol and being intoxicated can also kill the mood and result in you spending the night alone.

Be Sure to Make Time for Foreplay and Don’t be Afraid to Ask Your Lady What She Prefers

A real gentleman adapts to every situation and to the needs of his partner and he knows that no woman is the same. For our ladies, there is nothing worse than a client who, as soon as the door to the castle falls, plunges to her and drags her into bed. So, take your time to set the mood and you’ll be surprised by how good the service of escort ladies can be. A real gentleman will wait at the end of the date with a fresh towel on the showered model, instead of coming in the last ten minutes for the third time at his expense.

Payment should take place in a quiet moment, at the beginning of the meeting. Unless otherwise agreed, you must pay cash. Keep the agreed sum ready. There is nothing more degrading than for a man to pay an incorrect amount or try to renegotiate the agreed amount. You have decided in advance for this date and the associated costs, so save yourself from negotiations that will lead to nothing further than wasting valuable time talking.

A gentleman knows that the lady determines what they want to do and what not to do. A “NO” does not mean “maybe” or “yes.” Our escort ladies draw clear boundaries and convey this. A gentleman respects these under all circumstances!

When the date is over, it’s over. As a gentleman, it is important to respect the agreed time frame. Our escort ladies have a life outside of their work with deadlines and appointments. If you want to spend more time with your escort, you can address this, of course, by asking for it. If the model can still spend some time more with you – and wants to – you will have to inform our agency, and then she can stay with you. The decision is entirely up to the model.